A STRUGGLE THAT NEVER ENDED By Anvit Tyagi With wet eyes, trying to conceal his emotions, the country being his first priority he tried his level hard to mark his presence but it was not easy for a man to conquer the feelings of loosing his beloved niece. This man was none other than the... Continue Reading →


HOW BEAUTIFULLY A MOTHER LOVES❤ "When you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you'll ever know"   Ever wondered about the magic, a healer that holds the power to cure all your pain and miseries? Medicines are just an imitation but the real answer to this question is a MOTHER.... Continue Reading →

Annabelle :Not a deception

      Anabelle : Not a deception!!                                            By Anvit TyagiDisclaimer : Do not read this content at night!! Parent's assent required.💀         Since the beginning of civilization, dolls 😈have been beloved by children,... Continue Reading →


             THE LIE WE LIVE                                          By Anvit Tyagi Everything in this world is made for a reason!  For example a chair was invented to sit on, a pen was invented... Continue Reading →

Hardship of adolescence!!

Hardship of adolescence!!                                      By Anvit Tyagi       While passing the lane I heard "When I will grow old mom??" a small boy of nine asked his mother..... Seeing the curiosity and the eagerness of a small... Continue Reading →

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